DIY Fall Hostest Gift

And just like that the summer sun sleeps an early set, and dinners become warmer and crock pots stay plugged in longer. And the parties begin. Friendsgiving, maybe two or three and a few last minute holiday soirees call for a handful of hostest gifts to be tucked on a shelf for that last minute RSVP; yes, I'll join. This one is quick, simple always a sweet gesture.  

Succulent Pumpkin Autumn Arrangement Centerpiece

This is a simple project that is not only beautiful for your own autumn decor, but also as a hostess gift for all of your fall festivities.

The large one featured above was created/designed by my gorgeous, beyond-creative friend and new mom, Erin. She gave me a step by step that I mimicked and tailored to fit a quick hostess gift I was in immediate need of. Took me less than 15 minutes, and total cost was under $15.00.

I started with a small pumpkin, spanish moss, a 2" succulent, sparkly wire (found at local craft store) hot glue gun and clothes pins.

I first adhered the sparkly wire to the pumpkin with the hot glue gun. Liberally apply the glue, and the moss will stick to the excess (top/bottom glue from the wire-glue-job.) The moss follows the circle crown of the wire, leaving the center of the pumpkin stem area clear.

Insert the 2" succulent in that 'clear' area and fold it into the excess moss.

Hot glue the clothes pin to the wire.


Use the clothes pin to secure the note to your host or hostess.

...less than 15 minutes later you have a DIY completed hostess gift...

- N E A T -


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Helen Keller