How to make a card


How to Make a Hand Painted Birthday Card

This thoughtful gesture will surely bring a smile to the recipient. The project takes less than ten minutes to make. Handmade cards are often cherished...and a simple way of communicating genuine care without many words. Start with a blank 5" x 7" white folded greeting card. Cut a piece of bright white card stock to 4.5" x 6.5" - this is what you will paint, then adhere to the blank greeting card. Three paint colors to keep it simple - black, white, metallic gold.

I started with the gold metallic, and painted a random swirl design. Then, I filled in the space with black (see above.)

After the black paint is filled in, I add gold into the loops the swirls make (see above.)

I retrace the initial line I made with the gold metallic swirl in thick white acrylic paint. I dusted the black outside line with the white paint on a dry brush for a subtle textured effect. Once dry, adhere it to the card face, and sign and date your art below the card and on the lower right hand side.

 With three simple colors a piece of art is created...and then presented as a gift.


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