How to Make Fang Garland

How to Make Fang Garland

DIY Halloween Decor

i present you: fang garland.

i hung the bloody fangs (no profanity here) in a black-background-matted antique frame, adhering googly-eyes on the top-end for the cute monster effect - halloween home decor.

i also hung the bloody fangs (stop it) over the mantle. oh. spooky.

in the beginning: it began with the typical middle-of-the-night-sketch. in the dark. sketchy.

to make: 1) take white card stock and snip and slice into long, thin triangles (keep the sizes roughly around .25"- 1" wide and no more than 3" long)

since we will be using baker's twine, 2) hole punch with a 1/16" tool. give two holes across from each other on the thick, flat end of the triangle.

3) get sloppy with red paint on the narrow end of the triangle. 4) weave the baker's twine (or thread or whatever stringiesting u so want to use) through the holes of about 12 bloody fangs. (seriously.) This will create the fang garland. see below.

freaking freaky cute

framed as cute halloweeny monster in a frame

or spooky solemn mantle additional drape-age.

...this craft takes, like, 5 minutes. including paint-dry-time...

(: Happy Halloween :)



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