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Posts for Poshmark
Simply screen shot these little Poshmark posts and use for personal use on your closet's account only (all imagery and design is owned by ©sparkleordie)
Going on Vacation? Set your status (and mind) to vacation mode and post this little square image to let your customers know a little more about when you're returning, if you'll be accepting offers &/or shopping while out of 'the office.'
Sale time - especially those long summer weekends!
Have an announcement? Made it to #poshaffiliate status? Just love your purchase or want to give a shout out to a buyer? Post this Posh Love status update image.
We all know bundles save on shipping (and handling time,) but do your potential buyers? A little post in their feed does the trick.
These are always a nice way to share gently (or never) worn treasures for a deal with the #poshcommunity.
No harm in a little humble brag. You're proud of your hustle, and so are we! Likes abound!
Hope you enjoy these, and Happy Poshing! - xoxo The Sparkle or Die Team

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