The Cutest Thanksgiving Place Cards

DIY! Thanksgiving Table Decoration

These pilgrim hat place cards were thought up pretty quickly when I had about 25 minutes to figure out how to place everyone at the Thanksgiving table. A pilgrims hat was the easiest thing to throw together... some wine corks, string and creativity can go a long way ;)

DIY, under $5, under 7 min (including dry time,) and 1-2-3 level easy-ness-yes.

To begin. Supplies: All those bottles of wine consumed last night while stressing out about hosting Thanksgiving dinner have come in handy: CORKS. • glue gun • scissors • string/yarn • colored & black cardstock • sharp knife • black pen • black paint & paint brush

snip the corks in half

paint the 1/2 corks black

while the corks are drying...plug in the glue gun... cut the colored card stock into tiny squares. with black pen, draw a smaller square in the center (this is the pilgrim hat 'buckle')

punch the desired amount of black card stock circles (1.5" diam)

paint should be dry, begin dabbing glue to the black circles and adhering the cork (flat side down) - take the string/yard and wrap around the bottom of the cork, closest to the circle. Adhere with a dab of hot glue and press the 'hat buckle' onto the excess glue to secure string.

Slit the top of the hat with a knife, inserted the name of guest.

1-2-3-E-Z-est 7 minutes (8 including clean-up.)

- Happy Thanksgiving -


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