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Worksheet - Studio Techniques Part 1 and Part 2


Practice our studio techniques:

This worksheet accompanies the video tutorials below (both part 1 and part 2)W

Watch Part 1 here  & Part 2 here

Once we are able to open again, we'll be using these techniques a lot. For now, you get to practice from the safety of your home. 

Once you've become familiar with these techniques, you'll recognize them in almost every single tutorial.

You'll need paint, various paintbrushes, glue, glitter, rubbing alcohol, tissue paper scraps, fabric scrap and paper.

Download and print on white cardstock.

11in x 8.5in



Artwork owned and copyrighted by © Encinitas House of Art

For licensing or commercial use please contact info@encinitashouseofart.com

Tab 1 Example

Sparkle or Die is an artist lifestyle brand based in Encinitas, California. Founded in a tiny, glitter-filled loft above a garage by Janel Kaden, what began as a workshop to provide personalized, hand-crafted gifts for her friends and family, has quickly grown into a recognized brand over the past couple of months.

While the sparkling roots are in creative direction and consulting, Sparkle or Die continues to grow and develop more experiences and products as the brand expands. We have added jewelry and small business packaging for our partners interested in growing their unique identity.

In our hectic lives people appreciate simplicity and authenticity. We believe sharing that light begins with our own overflowing shiny heart. Sparkle or Die hopes that our treasures inspire you to be that warmth in the lives around yourself. Please share your stories with us, we always love hearing about sparkling personalities, where and how they shine.

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