DIY Halloween: Parent-Child Bonding through Art

DIY Halloween: Parent-Child Bonding through Art

Parent-Child Bonding through Art

Hanging Ghosts (an Eco Challenge!)

Supplies: empty toilet paper rolls, googly eyes, white acrylic paint, string, hole punch, scissors, black sharpie (hot glue gun ) white ribbon / material / crepe paper

Step one: Paint the toilet paper rolls white

Step two: While the toilet paper rolls are drying...discuss emotions with your child, sharing exaggerated facial expressions of what certain emotions can outwardly look like. Once the toilet paper rolls are dry, direct you and your child to draw faces on the ghosts in some emotions that were felt this past week, as well as silly ones. As you work together discuss the particular emotions on the ghosts faces, and how the emotions feel.

Creating these visual representations of emotions through play allows children to explore more complex feelings while improving their emotional vocabulary. You will also enjoy the communication and bonding between your children.

Step three: hole punch two holes on the top of the roll and tie string through the hole. Secure both sides. This will be how you hang the ghost.

Step four: Cut the same length of white ribbon or white crepe paper (6-8 pieces) into thin strips

Step five: measure the circumference of the inner roll. Cut a scrap paper that size and glue the 6-8 strips of white ribbon/materials/crepe paper to the paper. Let it dry.

Step six: time to go hot glue the ribbon/material/crepe on the paper into the bottom of the ghost toilet paper roll. Put hot glue on the piece of paper holding the white strips, and secure the paper all along the inside bottom of the toilet paper roll.   

The ghosts are now ready!

Step seven: Hang them everywhere! Boo!

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