Mindful Art: 3 Steps to Combat Perfectionism

Mindful Art: 3 Steps to Combat Perfectionism

Frozen in Perfectionism?

Self expressive actions like scribbling, pattern filling and watercolor help break the  stuckness perfectionism can cause.

Next time you find yourself over thinking or unable to get to step 2, try this art activity.

On a piece of paper or canvas...


Scribbling is a way of letting go of control. Rather than creation something “perfect” express emotions/thoughts freely without pressure. Do this with a pen/sharpie or pencil.


Extinguish the fear of making mistakes by filling in the loops. Patterns can be simple or complex; repetition helps reduce stress. This portion is about enjoying the process and is meditative. Use the same pen/sharpie or pencil to do this step.

This paint is unpredictable by nature, encouraging an experimental approach. Fill more loops with the paint. The fluid medium has a mind of its own; embrace the unpredictability and imperfections.

By focusing on this process rather than the product, you can break free from the constraints of perfectionism. Embrace creativity and set your mind free.

Want to learn more about Perfectionism and how to break free?

Hidden Brain on Spotify has a nice 50 minute LISTEN here 

Books: "How to be an Imperfectionist" by Stephen Guise, "Don't Overthink It" by Anne Bogel, "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brené Brown Ph.D.

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