Observation for Sustainable Happiness: The Art of Noticing

Observation for Sustainable Happiness: The Art of Noticing

The Art of Noticing: Increase Mental Strength and Sustainable Happiness

The human brain is a complex network of neurons, thriving on stimulation and pattern recognition. Continually scanning / interpreting surroundings, our brains are processing sensory information to create a perception of the world. The 'art' of noticing is a fundamental part of our cognitive function.

In art, acute observation (noticing) is highlighted as an essential part of the creative process. Creating art involves closely observing the internal and external environments, capturing emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a tangible form. This process aids in developing mindfulness and self-awareness. Did you know those are two key factors for mental wellness?

Mindfulness, the practice of being fully present and engaged in the moment, is closely linked to the art of noticing. When we create art, we tap into the present moment, paying attention to our emotions, thoughts, and the physical act of creation. This focus quiets our mind, reduces stress, and promotes relaxation. This reduces anxiety, depression, and enhances our overall mental strength.

The brain's neuroplasticity, (the ability to change and adapt as a result of experience,) plays a significant role in this process. When we engage in new observations (and experiences,) we stimulate the creation of new neural pathways. The more we practice the art of noticing, the more we reinforce these pathways, leading to improved mental resilience and emotional stability.

The "art of noticing" encourages us to slow down and truly observe our world, enhancing our mental strength, cultivating sustainable happiness, and ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life.
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